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B5tec met with regional authorities

Our CEO Enrique Serrano and the head of R&D Beatriz Oraá met on June 12th with the science, universities, and innovation counseling Eduardo Sicilia as a recognition for the results that industrial PhD programs supported by the regional government of Madrid is given in the research and development field for the region. During the meeting,…

B5tec will be at IFBF 2020

Due to the actual global situation the organization committee of the International Flow Battery Forum 2020 (IFBF 2020) have decided to postpone the event to next year 2021 from January 19th to 21th. B5tec will be present there with a talk given by our Head of R&D Beatriz Oraá, the main topic of this talk…


In October 2019 worldwide-distinguished academic and industrial experts had share their knowledge on energy storage during 4 days in Madrid. 1st SESDIM (sustainable energy storage days in Madrid) was held from October 8th to 11th and organized by CSIC. The event count with distinguished guests in the field of electrochemistry as Prof. Clare Gray, Prof....