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We love science and technology. By bridging the two together in innovative products we provide new solutions to the world’s most vexing problems.

B5tec brings together top talents and highly skilled professionals. A team, a network, a cluster, a hub… all bound by our passion for knowledge and progress.

Powered by the expertise of world class R&D entities.

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Green Technology Solutions

B5tec. Disruptive technologies that become breakthrough products

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More than a supercapacitor, more than a Li-ion battery. Towards the metal-free perfect solution for high power & energy applications.

Flow Battery

Free-metal, sustainable and low-cost energy storage device, able to store and supply electricity 24/7, while using disruptive technologies.

Fuel Cell

Miniature-size fuel cell that uses methanol in combination with microfluidics technology to bring higher energy density to small satellites, drones or micro-mobility solutions.


Lab-on-a-chip platforms, technologies and solutions that combine B5tec core technologies in their components: microfluidic systems, sensors, electrodes, electronics, bioreactors, etc.

R&D Projects

Our young and multidisciplinary team continually strives to innovate and improve our products and processes, in order to provide improved benefits, cost reduction and solutions to various problems in our society.

Organic Active Materials

Safe, cheap and sustainable materials that can replace metals, such as the widely used lithium, cobalt, zinc, cadmium or nickel, in batteries performance. Ready to overcome the “metal age of batteries”?


Redox-targeting technologies presenting an innovative idea of battery design that considerably boosts the energy density of flow-battery system and manages to improve the LCOS.

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