The metal-free superbattery

REDCAP represents an efficient and sustainable energy storage system that achieves energy density comparable to Li-ion batteries. Moreover, it maintains the high-power characteristics and good cyclability of supercapacitors.  More than a supercapacitor, more than a Li-ion battery. Towards the perfect solution for high power & energy applications.

Environmentally friendly: The organic redox supercapacitor is recyclable, metal-free (no lithium, cobalt, or other harmful materials) and doesn’t emit polluting gases.

Safe: All components are non-toxic and free of explosive materials, eradicating the risk of fire or explosion caused by thermal runaway.

Higher energy and power density: Able to achieve similar energy density levels to traditional battery technologies, much higher than standard supercapacitors.

Long-lasting: +25,000 charge cycles or +15 years.

Flexible: Pouch format allows to adapt to any space requirement or structure.

Scalable: No investment is needed for mass production because the product can be manufactured in worldwide Li-ion existing production facilities.

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