B5tec, in the final phase

We are in the final phase of Bloomberg BNEF PIONEERS 2022. We are very happy that such an institution like this, recognize us!

Enrique Serrano CEO & Founder

Since B5tec’s foundation, we have been focused on developing organic active species to be able to replace metals in batteries performance. Lithium, cobalt, zinc, among others, are widely used for the development of batteries and cells, but they are limited resources and generate great negative enviromental impact.

And because they are generated in the same place where they are extracted, a more dramatic impact should be highlited. since their extraction and control lead to wars, child labor or slavery.

Developing organic molecules is a process that has already been carried out in pharmacy or medicine. In batteries case, it is an incipient field where, for a decade, the most important research centers in the world and leading companies have launched a multitude of working lines. Through organic chemistry, and using local and sustainable resources as raw materials, relevant milestones have being achieved. Taking into account that it can be manufactured without location restrictions and with local raw materials that have not generated any impact, instead, they will generate quality jobs and great growth potential.