B5tec in Nanostine funding round

B5tec has just participated in Nanostine’s most recent funding round. Nanostine is a CSIC spin-off dedicated to the research, manufacture and distribution of high-added-value nanoparticles and nanostructured coatings.

The successful closure of this founding round prompts Nanostine’s plan to increase its human capital and continue its R&D work. B5tec, compelled by Nanostine’s corporate identity, aims to propel their activity and encourage their development.B With this contribution, B5tec, Nanostine’s industrial and strategic partner, takes a step further in its relationship with the company.

A clear bet on the development of disruptive nanotechnology in the long term, advocating for a “tech-push” strategy. As a result of the collaboration between B5tec and Nanostine, a solid foundation for high-impact revolutionary products is being laid.

This partnership hopes to yield innovative and smart solutions to diverse current relevant challenges. Good examples of this outcome are some of B5tec’s already existing energy storage solutions.

More information can be found in Nanostine web page and the funding news here.