Microfluidics and organic active materials are identified as the core technologies for our project
Foundation of the company with a capital of 10,000€
Development Start! Work begins on Organic Microfluidic Redox Flow Battery (RFB) with the first industrial PhD
EU qualification achieved
1st Round of funding
Module Level Energy System (MLES) project starts within PID program (Research and Development Project) supported by CDTI (Center for the Industrial and Technological Development)
Microfluidic Fuel Cell work begins
2nd Round of funding
First steps on lab-on-a-chip products development
3rd Round of funding
REDCAP Development! The Organic Redox Supercapacitor shows great potential performance
Joining ESA BIC program with the Microfluidic Fuel Cell
REDCAP! Launch of the first Organic Redox Supercapacitor to the market
Qualified for the final phase of Bloomberg BNEF Pioneers
REDCAP! Seal of Excellence EU Awards
Flow controller developed as the first commercial product of the lab-on-a-chip field
B5tec signs a contract to develop the first pilot manufacturing line for an organic redox supercapacitor: 500,000 pouch cells/year
B5tec expands its lab to a new 300m² research and development facility
For the second year in a row, qualified for the final phase of Bloomberg BNEF Pioneers
Pilot manufacturing line for REDCAP arrives to B5tec´s facilities and commissioning is carried out. Jump from laboratory to pre-industrial scale begins
First prototype of the Microfluidic Redox Flow Battery is achieved