Flow Battery

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Since 2018 we are working on a metal-free, sustainable and low-cost energy storage device, capable of providing continuous electricity storage and supplying it 24/7.

As result, B5tec is developing the unique 19’’ Rack-Mount Organic Flow Battery on the market, by using microfluidics, organic chemistry, and “booster” technology, instead of using inorganic electrolytes, based on metals.

Moreover, no investment is needed for mass production, but our product could be manufactured in the worldwide existing production facilities for microelectronics.

Environmentally friendly: The organic flow battery is recyclable, metal-free and doesn’t emit polluting gases. It is also entirely locally produced, which means no supply chain risks.

Safe: All components are free of flammable or explosive materials, eradicating the risk of fire or explosion caused by thermal runaway.

Economical: The technology relies on abundant and low-cost molecules without risk of supply shortage and with a long lifetime.

Long-lasting: Long life > 20 years, without loss of capacity or degradation, with unlimited life cycle.

Scalable: higher power density, cell efficiency and roundtrip efficiency due to microfluidics, making possible to scale power and capacity and being the only modular and standardized solution on the market with these characteristics.

On the other hand, our technology can also works using vanadium electrolyte.

Flow batteries are the future, but the current approach of developing own designs is not yielding results. Standardization is crucial for industrialization and mass production. You will be pleasantly surprised by the cost-effectiveness and high performance of this innovative approach.