B5tec is a young and innovative SME whose strategic plan is to develop pioneer, sustainable and safe solutions for the energy sector. It aims to develop electricity storage systems that respond to the requirements of emerging applications. As a further result of these technological developments, B5tec also plans to launch several products for the life sciences market, primarily targeting the medical sector.

The company works with high-end technologies to develop high-impact products. B5tec has several years of experience in microfluidics, electrochemistry, MEMS, micro and nanofabrication, microelectronics and other high-value technologies such as piezoelectrics.

Founded in 2017, B5tec gathered the ideas and experiences of a group of professionals in renewable energy, electricity storage, fluid mechanics and electrochemistry.

In 2018, B5tec inaugurated its development activity, focusing on the micro flow battery and applying its core technological pillars. Continuing with the application of microtechnology, the company began developing its first product for Life Sciences sector in 2020: a flow controller for medicine and lab-on-chip applications. At the same time, a second product for the energy field was introduced: a fuel cell designed for, but not limited to, aerospace applications.

B5tec now has two more products in its portfolio: boosters and the organic redox supercapacitor, which is ready for industrialization and commercialization.

At the core of its corporate culture, the company values close collaborations with research centers and universities, alliances and associations with companies that complement and support its activities, incorporation of new shareholders that add value as well as funds, and local partners, raw materials, and manufacturing to the greatest possible extent.

Its headquarters and laboratory are currently located in the Technological Park of Leganés, in Madrid.

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